Hi there and welcome!
I am Diana de Graaf and I am a  surface pattern designer living in the Netherlands. ✿
I love for my designs to make you smile!

Here I will show you some of my designed collections.
They can be purchased on more than 30 fabrics and 4 different kinds of wallpaper from my 
You can also buy them on several home decor items like bedding, tablecloths, curtains and more.
If you are interested in licensing one of my designs please contact me or
If you want adjustments in scale or color please contact me at:



This collection has a variety in background colorways of the crustaceans and can be made available in other colors and scales.
The colors shown here are peach, light blue, green.
Please let me know if you want a change in color or scale.


The backgroundcolors shown here are dark blue and black.
It is also possible to have a solid colorway made to match the excact color of the design.

Dark green  Art Nouveau and floral designs

This collection has different floral designs all with a darkgreen background from Art nouveau to lavender and leaves.
They are also perfect for your quilt and patchwork.

Love you in pink

This collection has a variety of pink floral and geometrical designs.
They are also available in other scales and colors.

A few of my designs on fabric

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